Looking for my Place

Without a doubt, this path and this point of arrival did not come alone. Because for a long time I asked myself: Why do I feel so empty where I go? Why do I feel there is something missing when everything around me is complete?


It has happened to you to be at a party or family reunion, surrounded by the love and affection of your family but still feel totally alone. It's such a weird feeling, it's something that infinitely makes you feel so upset. How can it be that I am surrounded by people who love me, happy people, people who are vibrating with joy and yet I feel so alone? Feels that you are being spoken to in another language? That others do not understand or understand your position. Like you don't fit.

Since I was little I have had those "lapses", as I call them. It is not depression (as many have wanted me to point out) it is not sadness, it is not anger, it is a void. It is nothing. It is floating in nothing. And that sometimes to tell you the truth, it terrifies you. Because you do know that you are present in your body, but your mind and your being are in another time and space. I know that for too many it sounds crazy, only those who have experienced it will understand me. And I refuse to believe anyone has never felt this. I believe that all of us at some point in our lives have felt this emptiness. I don't accept the idea of being the only one.

Now, what I am sure of is that there is something that is calling us and it is difficult to decipher, and what that means, I do not know. What does life want us to know calling our attention in this way, I don't know. How important is this that they make you leave your reality so that you feel that emptiness?


Today I only rediscover myself and continue my path in the present tense, I no longer wonder where I will go. Where I will fit. I discovered that everything is inside me and that the tranquility and happiness that I seek so much I only find in myself.


I am my place. I am my harmony. I am my silence and my own peace.

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