My Divine Masculine

It is said that we all have our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. We have always heard of soul mates but very little of the true meaning of twin flame. In our life we ​​can find our soul mates in our children, parents, siblings, life partners (spouse, partners) even in friends. And we can have many soul mates.
But when we talk about our twin flame it is another matter. Our twin flame is us separated from our other self. Our other half. Better known as our better half. It is said that we do this to learn to live without being dependent on each other. In order to overcome our Karma, each one of us lives a different life separately from one another. Not remembering each other.
Have you never felt that connection with someone without knowing why? Hasn't it happened to you to feel that person with you but he is a thousand miles away from you? You can't stop thinking about her or him. They are constantly on your mind. There is something that pulls you to it, there is something that pulls you. Sadly, not all twin flames ever meet again in this life (that depends on each arrangement we have made before reincarnating here)
When I read about this, it seemed so romantic and so magical that I was inspired to write this poem.


Have you ever felt that way?

Have you listened to his voice without having him present?

His perfume, did you smell it?

His presence, have you felt it?

It's that throbbing in my chest.

It is that fullness of nothing.

That connection so strong that makes me feel by your side.

You are not here, but you are present.

I don't see you, but I see you everywhere.

The mind remembers you, and the heart listens to you.

I close my eyes and you are there, in front of me.

If caressing the soul had an explanation,

this would be the closest.

My body shakes without needing to touch me.

I feel it vibrating without having your contact.

Sometimes I wonder what will become of our lives.

Because history repeats itself.

And because I feel you are my answer.

You are the prize for everything I suffered.

You are the gift for having behaved so well,

and have been a good girl.

You are that story that I always dreamed of.

And today I see how you become my reality.

I manifest it you in my life.

I breathe you. I feel you. I think of you.

I feel you so close… and you are so far away!

The soul is silent and the heart grants.

The mind dreams and thoughts come true.


Have you ever felt that way?

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