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Black Cat Large Organic Tote Bag

Cats are one of the most beloved pets people have, but what do cats represent in the spiritual realm?

This t-shirt presents the Black Cat symbolism and its hidden message for each of us. The black cat is a symbol of magic, witchcraft, and bad luck or misfortune to some. It is also associated with darkness, night, the moon, mystery, secrets, introspection. In certain cultures, black cats are considered good luck charms while in others they are believed to be witches' familiars.

From a metaphysical perspective, the black cat represents wisdom, intelligence, and intuition.

" The black cat is a mysterious creature and a positive one at that. The common perception is that black cats bring bad luck to those who cross their path. However, the negative connotations often associated with the black cat are based on superstition and old wife's tales. In reality, there is no reason why this feline should be considered unlucky. Instead, they offer fortuitous opportunities and powerful messages, as well as protection to those who are open to their influence. "

In the Eastern world, a cat is a symbol of independence and self-reliance. The Chinese believe that a cat has the spirit of a tiger. In Egypt, it represents femininity and fertility. In the West, we see cats as symbols of energy, magic, power, and vigilance.

Cat symbolism is associated with the feminine and softness in a very powerful way. Wear this t-shirt to hold on to your good luck, keep your positivity up or simply represent your love for cats.

Get rid of all the plastic and pack your goodies in this spacious organic cotton tote bag. Fill it up with groceries, books, and travel essentials—there’s room for everything!

• 100% certified organic cotton 3/1 twill
• Fabric weight: 8 oz/yd² (272 g/m²)
• Dimensions: 20″ × 14″ × 5″ (50.8 × 35.6 × 12.7 cm)
• Capacity: 6 gallons (23 l)
• Weight limit: 30 lbs (13.6 kg)
• 1″ × 25″ (2.5 × 63.5 cm) long self-fabric dual straps
• Open main compartment, flat bottom
• Blank product sourced from Vietnam

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