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Best Decoration

This wooden hanging shelf is the best decoration in the house. It can be hung in various places around the house. It can be hung in the bedroom to place photo frames. A living room hung potted plants, hung in the bathroom to put cosmetics and skincare products. Stylish and practical is the perfect decoration on the wall.

Easy to adjust and keep balance

You can adjust the rope to keep the balance of the hanging rope shelves. Also equipped with a metal ring for easier adjustment and balance.

Exquisite wood plank

The wooden hanging shelf is made of recycled natural wood, has no smell, has the natural texture of the wood plank. Therefore, the overall unique beauty of the hanging shelf rope is added. Each board of the hanging shelf is unique, so each shelf is a little surprising. The exterior of the panel is protected by a protective coating for long-term use.

Fingerprint Free Installation

Hanging wall shelves provide you with seamless nails to keep the wall intact and beautiful to solve your installation problems, no need to worry about leaving visible marks when installing or removing them. But seamless nails are only suitable for stucco and latex walls. If it is a concrete wall or a rough wall, it is recommended to install it with screws.

100% After Sales

Aim to provide quality products and services. Good choice for home decoration, get your floating shelves.

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